Since joining UMW I have had the privilege of working with organizations in a wide variety of industries ranging from small local companies to large international organizations. Some of these include NATOTreliant Risk AdvisersCapital OneVirginia Natural GasAsurionE2OpenFredericksburg Regional AllianceGeicoPolaresQuarles Petroleum, and Virginia Biosolids Council. My consulting areas of focus are as follows:

  • Data Science and Analytics: I have extensive experience helping companies extract actionable insights from their data and build the software to integrate these insights into their workflow. I frequently work with both Python and R-based data science tools, and also use the Apache Spark and TensorFlow machine learning platforms for working with large, unstructured data.
  • Pricing and Revenue Management: Pricing is a critical driver of profitability and often an area where companies miss revenue opportunities. Optimal prices are not static and depend on timing, supply and demand, competition, and other factors. I can help develop dynamic pricing and capacity allocation systems to maximize revenue reach and enhance profitability.
  • Optimization of Service Operations: Optimized service design and delivery leads to the lowest costs and the greatest degree of reliability, resilience, and customer satisfaction. Consequently, this  is one of the most powerful competitive advantages an organization can have. I can help design services and optimize their delivery to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Digital Transformation and Automation: Rapid technological advances, particularly in the area of artificial intelligence, are bringing powerful, transformative new capabilities to organizations. Companies that embrace and incorporate these capabilities early on will gain an enormous competitive advantage. I can help envision the possible and identify business areas where AI and automation can bring marked improvements. I can also help build a corporate digital transformation strategy to integrate these new capabilities and turn them into maximal advantage.
If you are interested in potentially working together, please don’t hesitate to contact me for further discussion.